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The World’s First Amazon Sellers Suspension Insurance available now.

Imagine growing a profitable private label business from scratch. You have taken weeks to test what products sell, you’ve spent hours on your marketing and research. And you purchased inventory and space for your products.

You list your items on Amazon and like magic, the money starts rolling in. You can’t believe it! The first month you make close to a thousand dollars. The second month you double last month’s sales. You feel like you’re on cloud nine. After six months, you are making enough money to make this your full-time endeavor. You don’t know if you are the smartest person on Earth or maybe just the luckiest, but all you know is that it feels great to run a successful business.

But then the unthinkable happens...Amazon suspends your account for a reason unknown to you.

Speechless, you keep reading the message in your inbox, “We are writing to let you know we have removed your selling privileges, canceled your listings, and a temporary hold has been placed on funds from your sales. Any new selling accounts you open will be closed.”

They freeze all your incoming deposits and take down your listings. The money you were depending on is no longer coming in. You start to panic, your customers are unhappy, and your bills are starting to stack up.

Now, what if you had peace of mind that a company had your back just in case this very disaster happened? What if you had an insurance company to pay for your lost revenue that would give you the confidence that you needed to run a successful business?

Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than many people think, and that is exactly what InsuraTech has done by creating the Amazon Sellers Suspension Insurance.

InsuraTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of James Allen Insurance with a focus on providing coverage of digital assets for the retail and education industries. Partnered with the oldest insurer worldwide, InsuraTech strives to bring peace of mind to its policyholders in times of distress and insecurity.

InsuraTech, a James Allen Insurance Company, have created this policy to provide coverage for lost income of online storefront operators in the case of an unexpected suspension. With multiple coverage options ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000 and a zero-dollar deductible, the first-of-its-kind online seller's income protection policy provides 30 to 180 days of revenue loss per fiscal year due to sudden suspension from online retail fronts.

In addition to daily coverage of revenue losses, claiming policyholders will also have access to up to $500 to hire a reinstatement specialist to get their online business in good standing again.

For about $1 a day, you can get the protection you need to ensure that if you ever get suspended for reasons unknown, your livelihood would not be put at risk. If this sound like the coverage you need to protect your business, contact us today to get your peace of mind.

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